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Posted on: July 14, 2017

Distracted Driving Law Goes into Effect on July 23, 2017

Get ready to follow the distracted-driving traffic safety law going into effect on July 23. This new state law prohibits anyone from holding a cell phone, tablet, gaming device, or any other electronic device while driving a motor vehicle, including while stopped for traffic or while stopped at an intersection waiting for a traffic light to change. The new law changes the current law, which only prohibited texting or holding the phone to the ear while driving.

“Our hope is that drivers will pay attention to their driving and not on anything that would distract from keeping themselves and others safe,” said Police Chief Perry Phipps.

A driver may still activate, deactivate, or initiate a function of a personal electronic device while driving if done so by the “minimal use of a finger.” Built-in electronic devices like hands-free calling and GPS maps are also still allowed.

In a continued effort to ensure the safety of our community, officers from the Snoqualmie/North Bend Police Department will be looking for violators of this new law. A violation, or Driving Under the Influence of Electronics (E-DUI), costs $136 and the fine doubles with a second citation. Read more about this new law.

For more information, contact the police department at 425-888-3333.
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