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Licensing Costs
Available Types of Licenses

Type of License



Juvenile Pet must be younger than six months old; license is only good for six months $15
Altered Must provide proof that pet has been spayed or neutered $30
Unaltered License includes a $25 voucher to have your pet spayed or neutered $60
Senior Must provide proof that the pet has been spayed or neutered and the owner is at least 65 years old $15
Service animal Must provide a statement that the owner has a disability and the animal is a service animal Free

Avoid a Hefty Fine
You can easily avoid a potential fine under the new no-tolerance law that took effect on October 1, 2010, by purchasing a pet license. Owners of a spayed or neutered cat or dog that is without a license will be fined $125. The fine increases to $250 if the unlicensed dog or cat is unaltered.

Obtaining a Pet License
Pet licenses can be obtained at North Bend City Hall, QFC, or at the North Bend Animal Clinic. King County pet licenses can also be obtained online or by calling (206) 296-2712.