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Fire Services
A Consolidated, Joint Effort
Eastside Fire and Rescue
Headquarters Station
175 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

North Bend Fire Station 87
500 Maloney Grove Ave SE
North Bend, WA  98045

Ph: (425) 313-3200

On January 1, 1999, the City of North Bend joined a consolidation of several fire departments creating what is now known as Eastside Fire and Rescue. A board of directors consisting of elected officials representing each of the consolidated agencies governs the fire department. This includes a board member from the North Bend City Council.

Available Services
Eastside Fire and Rescue provides a complete range of services including fire prevention, public education, emergency medical care, fire protection, and several special operations teams. These teams are trained in wildland fires, technical and swiftwater rescue skills, hazardous materials control, and terrorism / security.

North Bend Station 87
Station 87 is a 13,166 Square foot facility with five apparatus bays, one of which is a double length bay that can accommodate two vehicles or one longer ladder truck. The Station houses 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Engine, 1 Tender, 1 Aid Car, and 1 Medic Unit.

Eastside Fire & Rescue staffs the station with three Firefighter/EMTs 24/7/365, that primarily respond in the first out Ladder 87. Bellevue Fire Department, under contract with King County EMS, staffs a Medic Unit with two Firefighter/Paramedics 24/7/365 at this station. Five Volunteer Firefighters also report to Station 87.

Blood pressure checks are available in the front lobby when the crew is in quarters. Information on Burn Permits and CPR Classes may be obtained by visiting our website at www.eastsidefire-rescue.org.

History of North Bend's Firefighters
Early records from the Town of North Bend indicate that the volunteer firefighting force has been in existence since the 1920s. A few businesses and a privately owned water company installed hydrants in the town after a few uncontrolled fires, and the city fathers decided to buy a four-wheel chemical wagon with a homemade ladder and a two-wheel hose cart with about 200 feet of hose. This equipment was stored in the wooden frame fire station on Main Street. The wooden frame fire station was replaced with a two-bay concrete building constructed in 1947 on the same property, only facing West Second Street instead of Main Street where it stood for many years. On July 9, 2013, the new North Bend Fire Station 87 was completed and firefighters moved from the old Main Street location to the new site located at 500 Maloney Grove Avenue SE in North Bend. A Community Open House and Dedication Ceremony was held on July 20, 2013.