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Public Works Department
Public Works is the largest city department in both terms of personnel and budget. Whether it is a damaged water line, new traffic signal, needed sewer line, new development proposal, or testing of the city’s water supply, Public Works staff have a hand in it.

As an investment in the city’s future, Public Works is committed to meeting the challenges that increased growth places on our water, sewer, storm drainage, and transportation systems.

Duties & Responsibilities
Additional services provided by Public Works include:
  • Capital facilities planning
  • Maintenance of city’s public buildings
  • Maintenance of city’s fleet of vehicles and equipment
  • Maintenance and operations of the city’s park system
  • Design and construction administration of:
    • Transportation system
    • Stormwater collection system
    • Water supply and distribution system
    • Sanitary sewer collection
    • Park improvements
  • Management of environmental services including:
    • Enhancements to waterways and water quality
    • Water conservation
    • Solid waste recycling and collection
    • Floodplain management programs

Public Works also provides engineering support services for the Community and Economic Development Department, including review and approval of civil plans for private developments and permitting in city rights of way.

PW Building
Mark Rigos, P.E.
PW Director
Ph: (425) 888-7650

Tom Mohr, P.E.
PW Deputy Director
Ph: (425) 888-7653

Don DeBerg, P.E.
City Engineer
(425) 888-7652

Carrie Smith
PW Office Coordinator
Ph: (425) 888-7651
Mark Pray
PW Supervisor
Ph: (425) 888-7654
1155 E. North Bend Way
P.O. Box 896
North Bend, WA  98045

Ph: (425) 888-0486
After Hours Emergency Contact 425-736-7697

Monday - Thursday
7:30 am - 12:00 noon
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Friday - open half day
8:00 am - 12:00 noon
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