Water Conservation

Why Conserve?

Water conservation is essential to ensure that we have adequate water today and into the future. It is up to all of us to use water wisely and is as simple as making small changes. Conserving water not only protects this finite resource, but also saves energy and money.

Benefits of Conservation

The City of North Bend is committed to maintaining and providing an adequate, reliable, clean and safe drinking water supply for our residents. Efficient use of water remains a key component to the overall management of water resources. Benefits of efficient water use include:

  • Helping to keep as much water as possible in the natural environment.
  • Reducing the need for future costly source development projects.
  • Helping to ensure water is available to meet economic and population growth consistent with mandated Growth Management Act planning efforts.

Conservation Protects the Future

Because it rains significantly in North Bend and water continues to run from the tap at home, it seems that we have an abundance of water much of the time. It is easy to overlook the importance of conserving water for the long-term. Conservation is critical. Despite nine months of rain, the water in our region is a finite supply. To make sure we preserve an adequate drinking water supply for ourselves, for our children, and the environment that we share, everyone needs to use water wisely.

Conservation also saves Money 

While conservation saves water, it also saves money on your water and sewer bill. Reducing water demand can frequently extend the life of existing water system infrastructure, saving consumers the cost of building or renovating the existing system. Conservation can also reduce the amount of water that needs to be processed by the City’s wastewater treatment plant, again extending the life of infrastructure. In addition, smart water use practices can make us more resilient during times of drought.

Small things make a big difference 

Conserving water, one of our most precious resources, can become a way of life. Water wise habits are developed through education and water awareness and can go a long way to ensure a high quality water supply. Visit the Saving Water Partnership page to learn easy changes you can make in your daily life to reduce your water footprint.

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