About Your City Government

The City of North Bend was organized, formed, and incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington on March 2, 1909. The city is a non-charter code city operating under RCW 35A, which utilizes a mayor-council form of government. Seven City Council members act as policy makers, providing the Mayor, the city's separately-elected chief executive officer, with guidelines and performance objectives. The city administrator and city staff turn these goals into programs and services.

All City Council members are elected at large, representing all citizens, and serve four year terms. They devote many volunteer hours and are dedicated to serving the community of North Bend. The Council as a whole studies finance and government operations, and divides itself into four committees for closer study of issues: 

Community and Economic Development

Finance & Administration

Public Health & Safety

Transportation & Public Works

City Council members do not keep offices at City Hall, but may be reached via email.

City Mission Statement

The mission of the City of North Bend is to create a highly livable community by working in partnership with its citizens to blend and balance the following principles: high levels of police, fire, and emergency medical services; healthy infrastructure; quality public services; all to support a strong local economy and the rural character of the community.

City Brand Statement

We are a highly livable small town that is the premiere outdoor recreation destination in the Puget Sound Region.