COVID-19 Business Resources

City of North Bend recognizes the hardships our local businesses are facing during the COVID-19 crisis and want to offer assistance as needed. It is critical to document business and nonprofit impacts as the situation is unfolding, both for insurance purposes and for potential future relief efforts by state and federal agencies. 

This page provides guidance and resources for employers and business owners. 

PPE Resources for Your Business 

  • The City of North Bend received an inventory of cloth face coverings, thanks to our King County Council Representative, Kathy Lambert. These masks are available free to you and your employees, while supplies last. Interested? Email EOC Coordinator, Erin Mitchell.  The City of North Bend holds multiple mask handout events as well.  Follow these events on the Discover North Bend Facebook page, and/or opt in to receive weekly Business Resource emails from the City.  You may opt in by emailing
  •  ’PPE Connect’: AWB Rebound & Connect is an organization concentrating on getting Washington employers prepared to safely reopen, under new protocols and safety measures. They are providing a free online service right now that can connect businesses to much-needed PPE. Click here to learn more.

Cloth facial coverings required at the workplace and all public shared spaces.

Effective Monday, June 8, workers statewide donned cloth facial coverings as they walked into work. As economic activity continues to accelerate, face coverings will be a critical measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at workplaces.

The requirement allows for a few exceptions. Those working alone in an office, vehicle, or jobsite are not required to wear a face covering. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who communicate with someone who relies on nonverbal language cues, are likewise exempt.

A worker with a medical condition or disability may also be exempt from the requirement. The employee must provide their employer with a medical professional’s accommodation statement that facial coverings or masks should not be worn due to their condition.

Employers are required to provide workers with the appropriate type of face covering, mask, or respirator depending on the level of risk for their specific type of work. Employees can also bring their own face covering if their work is in the low risk category. To clarify the requirements, the Department of Labor & Industries has published a manual for the proper selection and use of face coverings and respirators: "Which Mask for Which Task". The department also released an FAQ Page to respond to common questions about the mask requirement.

Frequently Asked Question

What does it mean to be "working alone"?

One of the exceptions to required facial coverings at the workplace is working alone. Someone is considered to be working alone when they are isolated from interaction with other people and have little to no expectation of in-person interruption. How often a worker is able to work alone may vary throughout the day.

Examples of working alone include:

  • A lone worker inside the enclosed cab of a crane or other heavy equipment, vehicle or harvester.
  • A person by themselves inside an office with four walls and a door.
  • A lone worker inside of a cubicle with 4 walls (one with an opening for an entryway) that are high enough to block the breathing zone of anyone walking by, and whose work activity will not require anyone to come inside of the cubicle.
  • A worker by themselves outside in an agricultural field, the woods or other open area with no anticipated contact with others.
See other FAQ about the facial covering rule here.

Additional Resources 

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City of North Bend Utility Customers
City of North Bend will not disconnect customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and is waiving late fees and penalties on past due utility accounts. You can access your account by clicking on the Pay Utilities icon or click here.