2022 City Parks Survey

The City of North Bend invites residents to help plan for future park and trail improvements! 

The invitation is part of the early stages of commencing an update to the Parks Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  The Parks Element is an essential part of the Comprehensive Plan, serving to:

  • Guide the planning and development of park and trail facilities within North Bend.
  • Establish park facility level of service standards.
  • Establish a parks capital improvement plan for park and trail projects.

To help in preparing the update, the City asks residents to participate in a short City Parks Survey.  The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and will help plan for park and trail improvements that best reflect the needs and desires of residents. Responses are due by October 1st, 2022.

Take the City Parks Survey HERE.

Parks Survey

To ensure the survey provides a realistic picture of residents’ preferences, please limit submission to one survey per household. For questions about the survey, or more broadly regarding park and trail improvements or the update to the Parks Element of the Comprehensive Plan, contact Senior Planner Mike McCarty via email, at mmccarty@northbendwa.gov or by phone, at (425) 888-7649.