Community & Economic Development


The Community and Economic Development Department is comprised of the Planning, Building, and Economic Development departments.

Even though public counters at City Hall are closed due to the risk of COVID-19, the Community & Economic Development Department is continuing to service our residents. If you have a permit ready to pick up, email your contact by checking the staff directory on our website to set up a time to pick it up or have it mailed to you.

Inspections are being conducted daily at this time. Construction is continuing for North Bend projects that have already begun.

Planning Department

The Planning Department prepares and administers plans, policies, and regulations pursuant to authority in federal and state laws to protect public health, safety, and welfare. Primary state laws governing planning include the Growth Management Act RCW 36.070A, the Shoreline Management Act RCW 90.58, and the Platting Requirements RCW 58.17.

Building Department

The Building Department oversees building and associated construction activities to protect public health, safety and welfare pursuant to uniform construction codes governing land use and code enforcement (NBMC 20.10).

Building Permit Information

Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department provides guidance and direction to the City Council on North Bend’s future economic development through review of and recommendations for improvement to the city’s comprehensive plan and to advise the City Council on other economic development programs and priorities.

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