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Posted on: February 14, 2019

City of North Bend Safety Precautions and Requests

City of North Bend urges residents to use extreme caution in the aftermath of this winter storm event.

Safety Tips: 

  • Do not stand under or near a roof.  Many roofs are loaded with wet heavy snow that can cascade off and seriously hurt or kill someone.  If you see people near or under a roof, please tell them to move away.
  • Give the snowplows a safe distance when you are driving.
  • Make every effort to park your vehicles in your driveways so that snowplows can widen the streets to 2-way access.  The City is very cognizant that hundreds of vehicles still have to be “dug out” from the snowstorm.  When possible, please dig out your vehicle and park it in the driveway.  The City recognizes there are snowberms blocking driveways, so this may be very difficult for some.  When less vehicles are parked on the street, the snowplow operators can remove snow more efficiently and return us all back to normal life more quickly.
  •  Please help in keeping catch basin grates clear.  If you happen to know where the catch basin grate is located along your street frontage, and it’s reasonably accessible for you to find in the next few days, please help ensure water is draining freely through the grate.  The roads are sloped toward the catch basins so that they can collect snowmelt and stormwater runoff.  We understand this is an arduous task for many but have already seen some citizens make this happen to stay a step ahead of nuisance road flooding.  As we get further along in removing snow off the roads and parking areas, our staff will be monitoring and maintain these catch basins.  In the meanwhile, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Road Condition Update for Thursday Evening: 

1. Nearly 100% of North Bend public streets have moderately passable access for an emergency vehicle.

2. Many Priority 1 Routes, especially downtown streets like State Route 202 and North Bend Way, are blacktop and are fully passable now.

3. Eight to nine snowplows and four to five loaders (City of North Bend, City of Issaquah, WSDOT, National Guard, Fury Site Works and 4 other private companies) have been working round-the-clock creating life safety corridors and removing massive amounts of snow. There could be up to 10 snowplows working all night tonight inside City Limits.

4. Temperatures warmed up on Thursday, which substantially helped snowplow efforts. This will continue into Friday per the weather forecast.

5. The City is departing from the “Life Safety” Phase and entering “Snow Removal” Phase. Beginning Friday, huge snow berms will be loaded and placed at 5-10 locations (in parks and open space areas) around town. There were millions and millions of tons of snow. Fortunately, some of it is melting. The loaders will be doing the heavy lifting on Friday and hopefully Mother Nature will be on our side this time, melting that snow.

6. The City is not receiving news about flooding in town, so hopefully any flooding will be limited to a “nuisance only condition” in roads and yards.

Snow Plow Route Map 

Medical assistance.

For immediate medical assistance, call 9-1-1 and the Fire Department will respond. Our local police and fire departments are operational and have increased staff to assist. 

For King County non-life threatening emergency number: residents can call 206-296-3830 for transportation for medical appointments, fuel, food, shelter or help with evacuating the area.

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