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Posted on: May 23, 2019

City Offers Tips for Conserving Water During Dry Weather and Year-Round

water conservation

Even though North Bend typically has a wet spring seasons, this spring has been unseasonably dry. The City encourages residents to do your part to conserve water, not only during dry weather, but year-round. Water conservation saves energy that is required to move and treat water and will also result in savings on your utility bills.

These simple actions can be taken to reduce your water use.

Ways to Conserve Water Indoors

• Fix leaks promptly - little drips can waste lots of water. Install “water displacement devices” in your toilet tank if you have an older model toilet.

• Replace older toilets; newer toilets use only 1.5 gal to flush.

• Replace your showerhead with a low flow model.

• Capture shower warm-up water; use it to water plants, wash the floor or the car.

• Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth or shaving.

• Keep a bottle of drinking water in your refrigerator. Running tap water until it’s cold enough wastes water.

• Wash only full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.

Ways to Conserve Water Outdoors

• Reduce lawn size (lawns use 40-50% of our summer water).

• Enrich soils with 3-4 inches of compost worked into the top foot of soil prior to planting

• Dethatch and aerate lawns for better water absorption. Clip lawns no shorter than 2 inches

• Leave the grass clippings on the lawn. They’re 90% water and provide nitrogen.

• Use soaker hoses or drip systems.

• Discontinue lawn irrigation during dry weather.

• Check hoses and sprinkler systems for leaks and fix them promptly.

• Include a rain sensor and a soil moisture sensor in your automatic sprinkler system.

• Use a broom to clean the driveway or patio, instead of the hose and precious water

• Wash your car using a bucket of soapy water. Use a hose with a shut off nozzle just to rinse.

The City will do its part and discontinue landscaping irrigation going into the wet season and will continue to be vigilant about leak detection and notification. We appreciate your effort and cooperation with this water conservation recommendation.

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