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Posted on: November 22, 2019

City of North Bend Contracted with Golder Associates for Water Supply and Mitigation Forecast

The City of North Bend has contracted with Golder Associates Inc. to prepare a water supply and mitigation forecast. This study was completed in October of 2019.  

Included as part of this report is a modeling tool that has been developed and used to forecast water system demands, mitigation requirements and the degree of confidence in the capability of the mitigation sources to meet the mitigation requirements over the build-out period through 2054.

For the study, 12 scenarios were analyzed, spanning combinations of the water demand, mitigation requirements and mitigations source/supply options.

Key findings provided by Golder’s Demand Forecast Study as authored by the City’s water rights PhD consultant, Nicole DeNovio:

1. Recommendation is to find more and fix more water leaks. This may involve replacing old pipes, pipe junctions, water mains and valves, water meters, fire hydrants, and running further leak detection tests.

2. Recommendation is to move forward with water conservation. This may be in the form of one or more ordinances. Desired outcome is 1% less indoor water usage per home and 10% less external usage.  Seattle Public Utility’s experience is that with known drought conditions, appropriate media and public awareness that promotes voluntary water curtailment can achieve 10% water conservation.  Their experience earlier in the 2000s indicates that greater awareness and fixture replacement incentives may also result in similar conservation gains.

3. With a dry climate, and the only mitigation sources being Hobo Springs and Cascade Golf Course (which is not yet a mitigation source), the forecast indicates that the City has sufficient mitigation water until approximately the year 2025.

4. With a typical climate and Hobo Springs, Sallal Wells and Cascade online and assuming no seasonal source management by the City, there is mitigation water available until approximately (this is a forecast) 2040.

5. Recommendation is to increase the City’s “mitigation portfolio,” which would potentially include Sallal wells.

6. Recommendation is to pursue the City’s two water right applications with DOE for:  A). Capturing more water from Mount Si Springs from a 3 cfs bypass to a 2 cfs bypass (in exchange for more mitigation); and B). Permitting deep aquifer well for mitigation.

Golder Associates Inc. Water Supply and Mitigation Forecast

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