Pet Licensing

Regional Animal Services Program

The City of North Bend, along with 24 other local cities, have joined King County’s redesigned Regional Animal Services Program, providing animal control, sheltering, and pet licensing to our residents.

Pet licenses are available at City Hall.
Pet licenses can be obtained at North Bend City Hall, QFC, or at the Sno-Falls Licensing Agency. King County pet licenses can also be obtained online or by calling 206-296-2712.

Reasons to License Your Pet

Licensing your pet is easy and gives your pet an inexpensive insurance policy for its safety and protection. Licensed pets are returned home faster if they get lost. Your license fee also helps thousands of homeless animals in King County find new families each year, keeping pets from abuse and neglect.

Benefits of a King County Pet License
A King County pet license includes the following benefits:

  • Re-unites owners with lost pets
  • Free ride home the first time a licensed pet gets lost
  • 24/7 lost pet license identification
  • Saves animal’s lives by funding shelter and care
  • Funds animal field services and enforcement for responding to reports of strays, nuisance or dangerous animals, and bite investigations
  • Funds investigations for animal cruelty or neglect
  • Supports Vacation Pet Alert program

Adopt a Pet from the Shelter
Please consider adopting your next pet (and new best friend!) from the Regional Animal Services of King County. To see pets waiting for a new home go to View Available Pets.