Adopt a Park or Trail

About the Program

The Adopt a Park and Adopt a Trail Program is a great way to engage volunteers in the improvement and enhancement of North Bend’s park system. It is a volunteer program that recruits and trains residents to assist in basic care and maintenance of city parks, trails, and other outdoor public spaces.

Who Can Sign Up?

Everyone is welcome to sign up. Adopt a North Bend park or trail as an individual, family, youth group, church, sports organization, group of friends, or as a business. Whoever you are, you are a valuable part of our community and can play an important part in the beauty of our parks and trails.


How Does Volunteering Help You?

Volunteering allows you to take an active role in the beautification of your community, and you can take pride in the park or trail that you have adopted. Once you have volunteered for at least six months, we will acknowledge you or your group or business on a small plaque installed in the park in thanks for your help in the care and upkeep of the park or trail.

How Does Volunteering Help North Bend?

Your volunteering allows the city’s park staff to focus on the heavier tasks, enabling the city to stretch its limited park maintenance resources further to ensure the care of our parks and trails.