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Tollgate Farm


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About the Farm
Tollgate Farm is a historic 410-acre farm and open space property owned by the City of North Bend and King County. Tollgate Farm is adjacent to Meadowbrook Farm and preserves important agriculture, wildlife, open space, archaeological, and historic resources.

The scenic agricultural pasture of the central meadow has unobstructed views of Mt. Si and the Cascade Mountains and is considered a local and regional icon. The May 2004 Central Meadow Master Plan proposed multi-use sport fields and associated restrooms with picnic and play areas in the far northwest corner of the site. More than 24 acres of pasture will be preserved for grazing. The recently passed bond by the Si View Metropolitan Park District will enable the MPD to construct the parking area, restroom, picnic area, playground and trail system as provided in the plan, to be refunded by the city through a portion of park impact fee revenues collected by the city.

The 1904 Queen Anne farmhouse and immediate surrounding grounds are historically significant and provide an opportunity for interpretation and education related to some of the earliest Euro-American history in the upper Snoqualmie Valley. The city is working with grant providers to fund the restoration of the building and surrounding farmstead for use as a public gathering space for community events.

Ribary Creek, in the southeast corner of the site, is a wooded natural area. Re-vegetation efforts over the last several years by the city and the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust have restored this area to a more natural condition, previously afflicted by invasive plant communities and cattle crossings. Restoration efforts will continue, as guided by the Central Meadow Master Plan.

Tollgate Farm Master Plan 
Resolution 1098, Adopting Tollgate Farm Master Plan & Preferred Site Plan
Appendix 1 - Preferred Tollgate Farm Site Plan
Appendix 5- Tollgate Farm Site Map