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Future Tennant Trailhead Park

History of the site
This thirty-two acre site was slated for a large-scale housing development that would have included single and multifamily homes with associated infrastructure. A partnership was formed between the City of North Bend, Si View Metropolitan Park District, and King County Parks, to help preserve this property. With the help of Conservation Futures Grant money, the acquisition became a reality with special thanks to the Tennant family that previously owned the property, the Mountains to Sound Greenway, North Bend City Council, Si View Park Commissioners, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and many others.

Where is it located and what is on site?
Tennant Trailhead Park is located south of Exit 31, on either side of Ribary Way, immediately after the Rock Creek Apartments. This beautiful piece of land contains a healthy ecosystem comprised of mature forests, wetlands, creeks, steep topography, and glacial erratic rock features.

What can we do on the site?
This site was purchased in part by Conservation Futures Grant money with the expressed intent of preserving the healthy forest ecosystem. Because of this, there are some parameters with what can be done on the site. Use of the property is restricted to low impact, passive-use recreation. This means that development of facilities to support organized/structured athletic activities such as ballfields, courts, and gyms is not allowed. Examples of allowable passive-use recreation include activities such as walking, biking and wildlife observation, all of which have a minimal impact on the ecosystem. Future use is limited to non-motorized use, except as necessary for maintenance or parking. A maximum of 15% of the total area may be developed with impervious surfaces (i.e., parking lot, bathroom, picnic gazebo, etc.). Trail surfaces are not included in this calculation.

What happens next? How can I help?
The park is in the first phase in the master planning process. Once we have gathered public input we will create a DRAFT Master Plan. The DRAFT Master Plan will be available for public comment. Once the plan is finalized, we can begin organizing grants, construction, and volunteer work parties.  For more information and to comment, visit: