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Snoqualmie Valley Trail


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About the Trail
The Snoqualmie Valley Trail (SVT), a part of King County’s Regional Trails System, is a multi-use gravel trail which follows the rail bed of the former Milwaukee Road Everett Branch Line for 31 miles from the City of Duvall to Rattlesnake Lake, with one road detour near Snoqualmie.

Path of the Trail
The trail passes over several bridges, through farms, forests, and urban areas. At Rattlesnake Lake, the SVT connects to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which travels over Snoqualmie Pass to the Columbia River. The SVT trail extends through the entire east-west length of North Bend, and passes through or close to several key area destinations, including Meadowbrook Farm, Three Forks Park, downtown North Bend, Torguson Park, Two Rivers Alternative School (with trail parking available on the weekends), North Bend Elementary, and the North Bend Library.

Download a map of the entire trail.