Heather Koellen

City Council
Title: Councilmember Position #3
Phone: 425-922-1071
Heather Koellen for web


Councilmember Koellen serves as the 2023 Mayor Pro Tem. In addition to serving in the absence of the Mayor, she, in coordination with the Administration, sets the agenda for the monthly Workstudy sessions, serves as support for the Council’s standing committees, serves in the absence of committee members, assigns chairs, and works with the Mayor and Administration in connection with the duties of the committees.


Councilmember Koellen serves on the Public Health and Safety Committee, and the Transportation and Public Works Committee.

Regional Boards & Committees

Councilmember Koellen serves on the Board of Health, the Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, and is an alternate on the Eastside Fire & Rescue Board. 


Councilmember Koellen began serving in 2020. Her current term expires on December 31, 2023.  


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