Flood Insurance Rate Map Zone Determination

Helpful Resources

As a public service and upon request, the city will provide the following information to property owners, lending institutions, realtors, and insurance agents:

  • Whether a property is in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) as shown on the adopted Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) of the city
  • Additional flood insurance data for a site, such as the FIRM zone and the base flood elevation or depth if shown on the FIRM
  • Copies of elevation certificates of buildings in the SFHA, if available

Making an Inquiry

Inquiries can be made at the Public Works Department, located at 1155 East North Bend Way. Please provide the King County Assessor’s 10-digit parcel number and/or street address.

King County iMap

King County also provides an interactive mapping tool referred to as iMap. The iMap also produces maps displaying aerial imagery, parcel boundaries with overlays of floodplain, floodway, and other natural hazards. Data used in iMap reflects best available science, including new flood studies and map amendments, and is not limited to the published FIRMs.

Hydrographic layers for the 100-year floodplain, FEMA floodway, and channel migration zones can be added to the map to inform the user if the property in question is located in a floodplain and whether or not a mandatory flood insurance purchase is required.