Public Works Department

Public Works Department is responsible for a wide range of services, whether it is a damaged water line, new traffic signal, needed sewer line, new development proposal, or testing of the city’s water supply. 

Even though City Hall public counters are closed due to the risk of COVID-19, City of North Bend is continuing to provide essential functions to our residents. 

  • Phone messages will still be answered; within 24 hours, likely much sooner.
  • Emails still answered for citizen requests, information, questions. 
  • Permits (sewer, water, hydrant, ROW) can go thru intake, processing via email submission to only
  • Payment sheets will be emailed and payments can be accepted at the drop box outside of City Hall; (finance is working on permits online with CC)
  • Issuing of permits once payment is received can still be processed with mutual signatures via emailing, printing and scanning back, just will take longer so expect longer turn-around time
  • Water & Sewer avail certs can still be processed within normal timeframe of 1 week.
  • ROW permits still being handled with normal weekly review & email communications. 
  • Engineering review of private projects still being done either in office or at home
  • Capital projects are still moving along; ad’s have been posted and bid openings are still scheduled in April; we will alter that schedule within weeks if necessary
  • Construction at private and public projects is continuing with inspectors still working.
  • Water & Sewer maintenance & operations are ongoing with essential staff running at a minimum to ensure employee safety while ensuring systems are being maintained for the public.
  • Streets & Parks division are running with minimum crews to address immediate needs only and are giving support to WWTP to ensure employee safety. 
  • Inspections are still being done on Sewer/ Water/ ROW permits and will continue indefinitely and until directives to quarantine are sent.

Duties & Responsibilities

Services provided by Public Works include:

  • Capital facilities planning
  • Maintenance of City’s public buildings
  • Maintenance of City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment
  • Maintenance and operations of the City’s park system
  • Design and construction administration of:
    • Transportation system
    • Stormwater collection system
    • Water supply and distribution system
    • Sanitary sewer collection
    • Park improvements
  • Management of environmental services including:
    • Enhancements to waterways and water quality
    • Water conservation
    • Solid waste recycling and collection
    • Floodplain management programs

Public Works also provides engineering support services for the Community and Economic Development Department, including review and approval of civil plans for private developments and permitting in city rights of way.

The City of North Bend complies with all Title VI requirements of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VI prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex, in programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance or from the Washington State Department of Transportation. Title VI Complaint Procedures (PDF) are available to any individual wishing to file a complaint (PDF) alleging discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin. The City’s annual Title VI Report (PDF) is filed before February 1st of each year.