Flooding & Runoff Challenges 

The City of North Bend is situated within the Three Forks area of the Upper Snoqualmie River Valley. Due to this location, the city experiences some flooding and runoff challenges. Increased development in the city generates increased stormwater runoff which at times can not be handled by some undersized drainage systems. Short of enlarging the system when opportunity exists, the city maximizes the use of its current system capacity through continuous maintenance.

Implementation of a Stormwater Utility
In 2001, the City completed a comprehensive plan of its stormwater system and subsequently created a stormwater utility to help finance the needed operation, maintenance, and improvement costs associated with the system.

An update to the Stormwater Comprehensive Plan (PDF) (20.9 MB) was completed in December of 2013, and adopted by Ordinance 1516, effective February 3, 2014.

Addressing Surface Water 

The City of North Bend has adopted the 2009 King County Surface Water Design Manual. This Manual provides codes and requirements that applicants, builders and developers are required to meet for new projects inside City Limits.  Some of these requirements include safe conveyance, flow control, and water quality treatment.

See King County Surface Water Design Manual

Steps Taken to Minimize Impact of Area Flooding

To minimize flooding impact, the following tasks are currently performed by streets maintenance personnel:

  • Cleaning drainage piping as needed
  • Cleaning out catch basins located in paved streets on a yearly basis
  • Cleaning out plugged culverts or catch basins as necessary
  • Clearing out the flap gates at seven levee discharge points
  • Installing barricades on roads during flooding events
  • Maintaining roadside ditches which includes regular mowing and removal of sediment
  • Responding to drainage complaints
  • Sweeping city streets