capital improvement Projects

Current Capital Improvement Projects

The City’s Capital Improvement Projects are developed based on meeting the future needs of the various utilities and street systems and are generally formulated through a comprehensive planning process.

The following projects are anticipated to begin this spring:


Overlay from Ballarat Ave. N to E Park St. Work will consist of roadway construction, grind and overlay, and miscellaneous surface restoration; permanent signing and pavement markings.

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Improvements between Healy Ave S and Ballarat St will include curb, gutter and sidewalk reconstruction, misc. surface restoration, and RRFB (rectangular rapid flash beacon) installation. 

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Park street roundabout

This new roundabout at the North Bend Way / Downing Avenue / Park Street intersection significantly improved public safety on all approaches and reduced transportation congestion and improve downtown walkability. It is 85% completed.

Final pavement work, pavement striping, and installation of power poles is scheduled for this spring. The roundabout lighting will be similar to the North Bend Way and Cedar Falls Way roundabout. Pavement lifting will address the existing pavement transitions and standing water that occurs during heavy rains. There are holes drilled into the existing pavement near the new catch basins to allow for some drainage collection during normal rains, but the holes do not provide as much drainage collection capacity as the catch basin grates will once the final pavement lift is completed. The significant amount of paving should be completed during drier and warmer weather.

The project includes: 

  • This project provided a single lane roundabout at the intersection of E. North Bend Way and E. Park Street.  
  • The roundabout will feature a landscaped center island, planted/hardscaped splitter islands and median, a new illumination system, and stormwater improvements. 
  • The project will also provide a shared use sidewalk and trail connections for pedestrians and bikes, ADA compliant access, and minor parking and driveway reconfigurations.  
  • Additional work includes irrigation of planted areas, planting of street trees, replacement of watermain, permanent signing, street lighting, and undergrounding of existing overhead utilities.

Wastewater treatment plant improvements

The City’s 2017 Wastewater System Facilities Plan describes a series of projects that need to be completed at the WWTP to allow the City to reliably and safely convey and treat sewage from the City. These projects add redundancy, enhance reliability, improve worker safety, support environmental requirements and eliminate hydraulic bottlenecks. Construction is currently underway of Phase 1. 

Phase 1 upgrades include: 

  • A new 80 foot diameter clarifier, including launder trough covers, weirs and scum baffles, clarifier sludge and scum collection mechanism, scum and waste activated pumping systems and RAS flow control system.
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the existing clarifier.
  • Upgrade of UV disinfection system, including installation of new disinfection equipment.
  • A new mixed liquor pumping and flow splitting system.
  • A new effluent flow metering system.
  • A new automated secondary effluent pipeline flushing system.
  • Relocation and upgrade of the existing plant washwater system.
  • Site stormwater improvements.

City Contacts

Tom Mohr, PE
Deputy Public Works Director

Carrie Smith
Public Works Coordinator

A detailed list of recently completed, ongoing and future capital projects is available on the 2018 Capital Project Update (PDF).

current private development projects

City contacts
Mike Sippo
Development Project Manager
(425) 888-7664

Brian Tucker
Development Project Manager
(425) 888-7659