Community Survey

about the community survey

In April 2023, the City of North Bend conducted an anonymous, citywide survey that invited feedback to assess how residents view various services and overall performance. The survey is an important way for us to assess how well we are meeting community needs. Your perspective is important! Results from the Community Survey will influence strategic direction on many fronts, including financial choices, service adjustments, direction of our City Council and Administration, and day-to-day work for city staff.

how the survey was conducted

The 2023 Community Survey had 347 households participate. The overall results for the sample have a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/- 5.2%.

The survey is scientifically valid, which means that it was sent to a random sample of households across the City. Our goal was to collect a representative sample of surveys, ensuring that the demographics of our survey respondents reflect the diversity in age, gender, and race in our community. The scientifically valid survey was conducted between March and April 2023.

Because similar surveys are conducted in hundreds of cities nationwide, we are able to compare North Bend’s results with other communities in the Northwest Region, and throughout the United States.

community livability

Most of the residents surveyed (90%) who had an opinion are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with opportunities for recreation in North Bend. Other areas in which residents are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” include: quality of life (81%), as a place to raise children (79%), and feeling of safety in the City (76%).

satisfaction with city services

City services that had the highest levels of satisfaction, based upon the combined percentage of “very satisfied” and “satisfied” responses among residents who had an opinion, were: quality of fire, emergency medical and ambulance services (87%), quality of city parks and recreation programs and facilities (80%), and quality of police services (73%).